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Re: Revolting Cunts & Cocks

From: (Mike Trogni)
Date: Wed, 6 Jul 88 10:00:18 cdt
Subject: Re: Revolting Cunts & Cocks

The live video for "YDSOAB" has the wenches (obviously stoned and/or
wasted) dancing around the stage, taunting the crowd, and acting
generally hot.

at one point the crowd can be heard to chant, "YOU'RE A HOT BITCH,
YOU'RE A HOT BITCH" and later, one of the Revolting Cunts shirts comes
off, so she's dancing topless.  Pretty crude, but entertaining.

By the way, the album and video was recorded in '87 at the Cabaret
Metro in Chicago, and I have a friend that was at the performance.  He
said the girls did more sexually explicit stuff (but that's not on the
video, unfortunately.)

And, no, I've seen the Cocks also, and the Cunts don't tour with them.

The video comes highly recommended.