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Date: Wed, 6 Jul 88 13:22:13 EDT
Subject: stuff

Some thoughts, questions, and responses :

Dalis Car - This was a one-off collaboration between Mick Karn
(ex-Japan) and Peter Murphy (ex-Bauhaus, now solo).  As far as I know,
the only fruits of the pairing were the album and the 12" previously
mentioned.  It's not clear whether the project was intended as a
one-off, or whether there was a clash of egos.  Either way, the main
reason for it (according to an interview I read somewhere with one of
them) was that no record company would take a chance on either of them
solo - they needed a 'band' to sell.

Kompilation tapes - where are they?  Believe it or not, I still have
one (why is a long story) which I will send out within the next week.
If you have one, and would like to know where to send it, or if your
physical or electronic address has changed, drop me a line...

"Kate Bush" - nothing new to add, I just had to put her name in quotes
to annoy IED.

Stump - Their latest (second?) album, "A Fierce Pancake", is
wonderful!  Imagine a cross between early-XTC ("White Music", "Go-2"),
later period King Crimson ("Beat", "Three Of A Perfect Pair"), and a
bit of Julian Cope, and you'd bed about as close as I could come to
describing them.  The album is produced by Holger Hiller and many of
the songs take a few listens to get into, but they are addictive!

The Lodge - A new band featuring Peter Blegvad, his brother
Kristopher, and Anton Fier.  The music is a blend of blues, jazz, R&B,
and african rythms.  The lyrics are pure Peter Blegvad, and seem all
the more bizzarre contrasted with the fairly "normal sounding" music -
picture Steely Dan singing "In the dark, from crude compoundings comes
a white puss, phosphorescent from all it's encounters with darkness"
(from the song "Milk").  The album is called "The Smell Of A Friend"
and I like it lots...

Oh well, that's enough for one letter ("too much" someone yells).
Later all!

                                                                -Peter Lee