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Re: Mailbag (Kate-echism XV.7.v)

From: Lazlo Nibble <cscbrkac@CHARON.UNM.EDU>
Date: Wed, 6 Jul 88 01:41:38 MDT
Subject: Re: Mailbag (Kate-echism XV.7.v)

Subject: Mailbag (Kate-echism XV.7.v)

>     IED fully shares your frustration over the dearth of worthwhile
> KT discussion in L-Hs, but he for one long ago gave up complaining
> about the apalling tendency on the part of many Love-Hounds to clutter
> up this forum with endless dialogues (more often monologues) about
> inconsequential musicians (i.e., all musicians unconnected with Kate's
> work).  No matter how strong the argument, he has found, Love-Hounds
> _will_ keep prattling on about "Colourboxes" and "XTCs" and all the
> other flotsam and jetsam of the pop-music world. No amount of
> complaining will alter the essential triviality of the average
> Love-Hound's extra-Katian musical tastes. We just have to put up with
> it.

> -- Andrew Marvick

<flame IGNITED>

IED is herewith invited to take his undying exclusive devotion to the
One True Faith and shove it where the sun don't shine.  Foolish me,
thinking that this sort of juvenile "you like theeeem? ewwwwww!"
whining was the exclusive territory of the junior-high-school crowd...
heaven forbid that IED (certainly the most pedantic monologuist in the
entire Love-Hounds community -- *how* many times have you read the
_Secret_History_, Andrew dear? Or did you *write* it?) be exposed to
discussion of any music not directly pertaining to or created by KaTe!

<flame turned down to smoulder>

Speaking for myself, I discovered Kate as a direct result of |>oug's
proselytizing in all those years ago, and have since spread
the word to plenty of other people.  I'm grateful to |>oug for being
vocal enough about HIS favorite artist to get my attention, and I'm
*also* grateful to all my fellow Love-Hounds who are helping me to
stretch my musical boundaries a little by letting me know who THEY
think is worth listening to.  I would love to see more Kate-related
material here, but I would rather see non-Kate material than no
material at all.

As far as I'm concerned, IED would fit in perfectly alongside the rest
of the hopeless fanboys out there who are unable to open their hearts
to *anything* but the same ol' "same ol'."  They come in all shapes
and sizes . . . diehard Trekkies, anime-heads, and sadly, Katefans.
You'd think that the Katefans would have learned a little bit about
openmindedness in the process of listening to Kate's music, but I
guess some people are more interested in the ritual and ceremony of
the worship itself than the substance of what they're spending all
that time worshipping.

You want to see a really good example of "appalling," Andrew?  Take a
healthy look at what you posted up there.  I appreciate the bricks of
information you're constantly supplying us with but the mortar holding
them together can be pretty distasteful.

Lazlo Nibble (

      [	You shouldn't be so hard on poor IED.  After all, can you
	really expect sense from someone who would think that the
	ending of "There Goes A Tener" refers to a happy time in the
	future, rather than in the past?  Besides, if you push him too
	far, he might break down and start posting articles about his
	secret idol, Samantha Fox.  You wouldn't want that now would
	you?  (I promised not to tell, but I just couldn't keep it to
	myself any longer...)  Also, don't think that in all of these
	overly pompous articles, there's a bit of tongue in his chic?
	I do.  -- |>oug ]