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Re: Misc (X-Ray Spex and Dali's Car)

From: david bleckmann <bleckmd@JACOBS.CS.ORST.EDU>
Date: Wed, 6 Jul 88 00:31:07 PDT
Subject: Re: Misc (X-Ray Spex and Dali's Car)
Organization: Oregon State University - CS - Corvallis Oregon
References: <8806210304.AA00306@WONKO.MIT.EDU>

> From: (Sandra Cheng)

> For the person searching for X-Ray Spex albums:

> I saw Germ Free Adolescence in Sounds on St. Marks not too long ago
> and a 12" of "Oh Bondage Up Yours" in a sleazy hole-in-the-wall off
> Union Square.  Warning: don't buy Poly Styrene's post-Spex album which
> she made prior to joining some cult - it's awful and so sappy.

> Does anyone know how many albums Dali's Car came out with?  I have one
> EP and a LP, is that all there is?

Yes.  Though I am not sure of the EP you have, Dalis Car produced very
few records.  This is due to the fact that Peter Murphy and Mick Karn
teamed up just for this album and then went their own seperate ways.
(I *LOVE* Dalis Car so let me know if I am wrong :-) There is also a
7" Picture disk of "Judgement is the Mirror"

Mick Karn's first album, the name of which escapes me, it is not
called Dreams of Reason and it has Mick sitting in a contemplative
position on front of the album, is very good if you enjoy the fretless
bass on Dalis Car.  Also Bill Nelson's _Getting the Holy Ghost Across_
(or in a pinch the american version _On a Blue Wing_) is also very
good if you like Dalis Car.

Hope this helps
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