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Date: Tue, 5 Jul 88 21:37 EST
Subject: everythin

what do the 'Revolting Cunts' do while the Revolting Cocks are in
concert?  (just wondering why the wenches were listed on the liner
notes for the live recording 'You Goddamn Son of a Bitch')

	[ Hey, there were no Revolting Cunts, when I saw the Revolting
	  Cocks!  Maybe two of them were in drag...  --|>oug ]

while on the subject of industrial throb....

has anyone heard of FRONT LINE ASSEMBLY? (i noticed some of the songs
were produced by skinny puppy's Dave Oglvie) being that they are on
WAX TRAX RECORDS, i am curious, as i am growing (degenerating?) to
like the material they release.

in the May issue of REFLEX magazine (which had a Revolting Cocks
flexi), there is mention of a show called SNUB TV which shows late
Friday nights on Night Flight (USA Cable Network).  it supposedly
plays videos by the likes of Sonic Youth, Big Black, Tackhead, The
Swans, Bambi Slam, etc...  i haven't been home in a while to look for
this show, does anyone know the TIME it shows?

{ for MITCH DICKERMAN if you are out there - I FOUND A COPY OF XTC's
  send me a reply if ya want me to get it for you...not many of the import
  versions left... }


oh yeah...anyone going to see Nina Hagen in NY?

[fidelis orozco 219 wayne street highland park new jersey 08904]
[201 247 5594                 ]