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Re: There Goes A Tenner lyrics

From: iuvax!att!whuts!0707dab@RUTGERS.EDU
Date: Tue, 5 Jul 88 16:31:02 EST
Subject: Re: There Goes A Tenner lyrics
References: <8807010105.AA04312@WONKO.MIT.EDU> <8807051752.AA06595@WONKO.MIT.EDU>

It could very well be Strangeways.  However, Strangeways is not a

Stop me if you think that you've heard this one before, but
Strangeways, Here We Come - The Smiths recent CD is named after the
local Mental Institution, I believe in Manchester.

So, which is then:  "Strangeways" or "strange ways"? [shrug]

      [ Perhaps both... (The lyric sheet says "strange ways".) --
	|>oug ]

Ken Crissey    whuts!0707dab@Bell Laboratories

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 Or something you do?"                  VIVA MORRISSEY!