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From: flatline!erict@UUNET.UU.NET (j eric townsend)
Date: 7 Jul 88 01:46:41 GMT
Organization: a flat near the Montrose, Houston, Tx.
References: <8807051844.AA06637@WONKO.MIT.EDU>
Summary: Brave Combo

Some comments on Brave Combo (from a Texan!):

> From: hocad!cjs@ULYSSES.ATT.COM

> The New York City Parks Association along with Tropicana and other
> sponsors has started their series of FREE concerts in Central Park.
> Last weekend (over the fourth), I saw the HORSEFLIES and BRAVE COMBO.

> BRAVE COMBO is an unique four member band from Texas.  They played a
> wide range of polkas, waltzes, sambas, etc. with a eighties twist.
> The band is basically composed on bass, guitar, saxophone, and drums.
> The lead guitar player laso plays the accordian and electronic piano.
> The Saxophone player plays the clarinet and guitar.  The program that
> was passed out to us siad that BRAVE COMBO played at David Byrne's
> wedding....One things for sure, I would love to have them play at my
> wedding!  These guys were having a blast on stage and their music is
> alot of fun.  I would recommend them to anyone who likes polkas and
> loves to dance.  And even to those who don't.  BRAVE COMBO is also on
> Rounder Records.  They have an album "Polkasarus" out already and will
> be releasing another one soon.

I first experienced Brave Combo in 85 or 86 at a free concert in
Houston.  The bands were

Opening: Culturcide (a Houston cover-band from hell.)  They're
wonderful.  "Santa Claus Was My Lover" to the tune of "Billie Jean".
Fun stuff.  They're on the lam -- MCA and other labels are upset about
Culturcide's use of original, copyrighted material on their albums.
Need a backing track while you're covering the song?  Just play the 45
and sing really loud.  Seriously, they do this.

Sonic Youth.  You know 'em, you love 'em.  'Nuff said.

and finally, Brave Combo.

After nearly two hours of industrial/wierd music, the "Duck Dance" (or
whatever it's called) was a great change.  So was "I love to go a
wandering..." (Forgotten the name of that song.)  This is *the* party
band.  There's something about 150 drunken music freaks (and Sonic
Youth fans) running around, doing the duck dance and yodeling that
makes my brain stop working. :-) -- Skate UNIX or go home, boogie

J. Eric Townsend ->uunet!nuchat!flatline!erict