This Woman's Work Box Set

The Box

Tracks (CD1:)

  1. "The Empty Bullring"
  2. "Ran Tan Waltz"
  3. "Passing Through Air"
  4. "December Will Be Magic Again"
  5. "Warm And Soothing"
  6. "Lord Of The Reedy River"
  7. "Ne T'En Fui Pas"
  8. "Un Baiser D'Enfant"
  9. "Under The Ivy"
  10. "Burning Bridge"
  11. "My Lagan Love"
  12. "The Handsome Cabin Boy"
  13. "Not This Time"
  14. "Walk Straight Down The Middle"
  15. "Be Kind To My Mistakes"

Tracks: (CD2:)

  1. "I'm Still Waiting"
  2. "Ken"
  3. "One Last Look Around The House Before We Go..."
  4. "Wuthering heights" (New Vocal)
  5. "Experiment IV"
  6. "Them Heavy People" (live)
  7. "Don't Push Your Foot On The Heartbrake" (live)
  8. "James And The Cold Gun" (live)
  9. "L'Amour Looks Something Like You" (live)
  10. "Running Up That Hill" (Maxi)
  11. "Cloudbusting" (The Organon Mix)
  12. "Hounds Of Love" (alternative)
  13. "The Big Sky" (Meteorological Mix)
  14. "Experiment IV" (12" Mix)

Let me have it, let me grab your soul away