(These lyrics were originally from Andrew Marvick's The Garden.)

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"Lord of the Reedy River"

B-side of Sat In Your Lap single
Written by Donovan Leitch

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[This song was composed by Donovan Leitch. Donovan performed the song in a sequence from the film If It's Tuesday, This Must be Belgium, in 1968; and later included a recording of it on his album H.M.S. Donovan. It is through the latter version that Kate became familiar with the song.]

I fell in love with a swan.
My eyes were filled with feathers,
He filled me with song,
In the reedy river,
In the reedy river.

I in my boat long hours,
He in his royal plumage--
I threw him some flowers,
In the reedy river,
In the reedy river.

Black was the night and starry.
I loosened off my garments
And let forth my hair,*
In the reedy river,
In the reedy river.

Sadly we mourned and sighed,
Whilst in evening twilight
Two swans glide and fly
In the reedy river,
In the reedy river,
("Two swans glide and fly")
In the reedy river.
("Two swans glide and fly")

I fell in love with a swan...
(unintelligible spoken words)

*--"let forth":
Donovan's original words were probably
and "let fall".

[As much as it pains this fan to report it, I must mention that Kate has made what appears to be a slight error in the course of adapting the song from the third to the first person (a change which becomes possible because of Kate's ability to assume the role of the song's female character). In the final verse the original line--"SaDLy they mourned and sighed"--apparently refers to an implied group of mourners, perhaps friends and relatives, who believe that the heroine of the song has drowned and been lost in the river, when in fact the lovers--now both swans--fly over the mourners' heads. Kate, however, changes the pronoun "they" to "we", in keeping with her other shifts from third to first person. This change unfortunately confuses the most likely meaning of the verse. Other interpretations which accomodate Kate's version are possible, however.]

[In fact, a rumour persists that Donovan himself contributed backing vocals to the recording, even though no official credit is given to Donovan. Immediately following the final repetition of the opening line at the conclusion of Kate's recording, what sounds like a male voice can be heard whispering a couple of words (so far not deciphered by me).]

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