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Re: Kate Bush A Witch ( in Wiccan....) ?

From: ai474@FreeNet.Carleton.CA (Farrell McGovern)
Date: Sat, 2 Jul 1994 21:50:00 GMT
Subject: Re: Kate Bush A Witch ( in Wiccan....) ?
Organization: The National Capital FreeNet
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In a previous article, (Mark Terka) says:

>This was an interesting thread running in alt.pagan about how likely it
>was that Kate was Wiccan. Seems that she had earlier espoused disillusionment
>with mainstream Christianity and that her lyrics in certain songs indicated
>if not embracement of paganism, then had to be considered "pagan friendly".
>I rather doubt she has openly embraced Wicca as a religion (unlike say...
>Loreena Mckennit), but I could be wrong. Anyone else able to shed some 
>light on this?

	We have debated it on Magicknet, and later PODSnet Wicca echo on
and off for about 6 years now...and it seems to me the consesus is: Does
it matter? She has said that the best way to understand her is the listen
to her music...which is definitly Pagan/Wiccan Friendly. She creates
wonderful music, and that is all we should really expect of her.

	Ms. McKennitt is a wonderful musician, and the stuff that she has
written on her various albums, as well as the music for the films from the
Canadian National Film Board's GODDESS TRILOGY are definitely Wiccan
related. I remember attending one of here concerts here in Ottawa, and
dropping into trance during the! 

Blessed Be,

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