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Re: new Wire

From: Robert Stanzel <rps@APOLLO.COM>
Date: Thu, 21 Jul 88 11:08:06 EDT
Subject: Re: new Wire

>    From: stephen@SM.UNISYS.COM

>    What happened to all the rabid Wire fans of last year?  Are any of
>    you still tuned in to this forum?  The new disc, A Bell is a Cup
>    (ADD, 70:28 min, lyric sheet), has a lot of Colin Newman
>    influence; it sounds like a cross between The Ideal Copy and
>    Newman's solo Commercial Suicide.

The rabid Wire fans gave up on them last year, or so I claim.  I
haven't heard the new album yet (aside from "Kidney Bingos"; does this
title have any slang meaning, UKers?)  Given that Commercial Suicide
was a dismal failure and Ideal Copy was a bland sellout, I guess
there's not much hope for this new album.  It's a good opportunity to
put in a plug for the CD resissue of Newman's Provisionally
Entitled/Not To albums, with some extra tracks -- excellent value, and
shows how good this guy was once upon a time.  Btw, what's the new
Newman solo album like?

"Does nausea ensue when you chance upon a memory of someone you used to know?"
Rob Stanzel || ...!mit-eddie!apollo!rps