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Re: ZTT (Was Re: Eurythmics and Propaganda)

From: Lazlo Nibble <cscbrkac@CHARON.UNM.EDU>
Date: Thu, 21 Jul 88 03:13:54 MDT
Subject: Re: ZTT (Was Re: Eurythmics and Propaganda)

Summary: A Zang Tumb Tuum Discography

David . . . thanks for posting that list!  It's got a few things I've
been going nuts trying to figure out.  Thanks to you the discography
I've been compiling is now almost complete.

Here's some of the stuff that your list didn't know about:

AS 6 "And Suddenly There Came A Bang" is a book about FGTH.
AS 9 "Wild Hearts" is a single by (believe it or not) Roy Orbison.
AS 10 "The Value Of Entertainment" is a ZTT concert video.
AS 14 "Souvenir of Insignificance" is the soundtrack album to the Nick Roeg
        movie "Insignificance" (in which Einstein meets Marilyn Monroe).
AS 15 "When Your Heart Runs Out Of Time" is a single by Glenn Gregory of Heaven
        17 and Claudia Brucken of Propaganda.
AS 16 "Slave To The Rhythm" is an LP performed by Grace Jones.

"Into Battle" is pre-Action Series, "Daft" isn't part of the series at all.

If you'd like a copy of my listing, drop me email.  It's about 44K
long right now (it includes almost all the track listings, various
versions of singles, etc.) so let me know if you can handle it
compressed and uuencoded . . . to the best of my knowledge, it at
least *mentions* everything ZTT has released, ever.

And "Heppy Boith-day" to our ever-luvvable "Kat"e!

Lazlo Nibble (