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Midge Ure

From: Kari Haug <haug%si.uninett@TOR.NTA.NO>
Date: 21 Jul 88 8:14 +0100
Subject: Midge Ure
Posted-Date: 21 Jul 88 8:14 +0100
Return-Receipt-To: Kari Haug <haug%si.uninett@TOR.NTA.NO>

STOP PRESS!!! I have the dates for the release of Midge Ure's album
and the first single from it. The single, named "ANSWERS TO NOTHING"
will be released on August 1, and the album (don't know the title yet)
will be released on August 22. The song that Midge Ure performed on
the MANDELA tribute concert in June will be second single from the
album. I know all this from a record company representative I was in
touch with earlier this week. He had already heard "ANSWERS TO
NOTHING" and said that he liked it very much. He's going to London to
listen to the album, together with Midge Ure and some Chrysalis
representatives, in Mige Ure's private studio!  Oh, how I wish it was
me!!!!!! Well, all I can do is to look forward to hear this album!
And, remember, KATE will be on this album in some capacity!  YEAH!!
I'll write a review of it here as soon as I hear it. Wait for it!

--  Kari  --

"Dreams are the playground of unicorns"