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Date: Wed, 20 Jul 88 15:03 PDT
Subject: Ktrivia

     Just a reminder to all Love-Hounds that KATE BUSH'S THIRTIETH
BIRTHDAY is July 30. IED urges all her fans to celebrate the occasion
with her in spirit.
     IED will not be hosting another West Coast Bush Bash this
Katemas. (There will probably be a _big_ one in 1989, however.)
Nevertheless, any Kate fan who sincerely wishes to mark the occasion
by watching Kate's laser-videos and/or other rarer items, should give
IED a call, as the holiness of this day will still be duly observed at
the Marvick house. The number is (213) 474-5208, and the address is
10499 Wilkins Avenue, West Los Angeles, CA 90024.
     It is this that brings us together.

-- Andrew Marvick