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Concerts in Central Park (FOR KEN HAMPEL)

From: hocad!cjs@ULYSSES.ATT.COM
Date: Wed, 20 Jul 88 09:08 EDT
Subject: Concerts in Central Park (FOR KEN HAMPEL)

Ken Hampel 

I tried to send this schedule to
you, but the mail kept getting turned back.  I guess
AT&T doesn't like us talking to Siemans.


at the BANDSHELL (72nd Street, Center of the Park)

July 7	New York Opera 
	Verdi's Rigoletto
	Thursday, 7:30 pm

July 8	Dianne McIntyre's Sounds in Motion 
	Friday, 8:30 pm
	Jazz/Afro-American Music & Dance

July 9	Jonathan Richman and
	Pianosaurus (double billing)
	Saturday, 3:00 pm
	Richman plays guitar/sings; Pianosaurus
	is known for playing toy instruments.

July 10	Beausoleil
	Sunday, 3:00 pm
	Bayou Boogie/Cajun Music

July 14	New York Grand Opera
	Verdi's I Masnadieri
	Thursday, 7:30 pm

July 15	Georg Osterman & Company
	Shapiro & Smith
	Friday, 8:30 pm

July 16 Nappy Brown
	Saturday, 3:00 pm

July 17	Dissidenten
	Sunday, 3:00 pm
	West German musical "dissidents"
	combine with Moroccan singers

July 21	New York Grand Opera
	Verdi's La Traviata
	Thursday, 7:30 pm

July 22	Jelon Vieira DanceBrazil
	Friday, 8:30 pm
July 23	Son Seals
	Jean-Paul Bourelly
	Saturday, 3:00 pm
	Chicago Blues

July 24	Sangkala
	Sunday, 3:00 pm
	West Java Music

July 28	New York Grand Opera
	Verdi's Un Ballo in Maschera
	Thursday, 7:30 pm
July 29 Nina Martin Performance Co
	Anita Feldman Tap
	Friday, 8:30 pm

July 30	Moses Rascoe
	Johnny Copeland
	Saturday, 3:00 pm
	Counrty Blues/Big Band Blues

July 31	Manny Oquendo & Conjunto Libre
	Frank Ferrucci & Music of the Americas Ensemble
	Sunday, 3:00 pm
	Latin Music/Salsa/Brazalian

Aug 5	Martha Bowers Dance
	Bebe Miller and Company
	Friday, 8:30 pm

Aug 6	Denise Lasalle
	Saturday, 3:00 pm

Aug 7	Marion Williams
	Sunday, 3:00 pm

Aug 12	Ralph Lee & Mettawee River Company
	Friday, 8:30 pm

Aug 13	Sussan Deihim & Richard Horowitz
	Jon Gibson
	Saturday, 3:00 pm
	D&H - Middle Eastren/Electronic Music
	Gibson - sax/flute/keyboards/drum	

Aug 14	Joel Nascimento & Brazilian Sextet
	Sunday, 3:00 pm

Aug 19	Ping Chong & Company
	Friday, 9:00 pm

Aug 20	Steve Elson's Lips & Figers Ensemble
	Pierce Turner
	Saturday, 3:00 pm
	SE - Brass, reeds and rhythm combo
   	PT - Modern Irish

Aug 21 	Bhundu Boys
	Sunday, 3:00 pm
	Zimbabwe Music

Aug 26	Quentin Crisp
	Friday, 8:30 pm
	Advice Giver/Anecdotalist

Aug 27	A. Leroy & Mimi Goese
	Hugo Largo
	Saturday, 3:00 pm
	L&G - Chamber Ensemble
	HL - Violin, Voice, Twin Bass	

Aug 28	Bob Telson & Little Village
	Sunday, 3:00 pm
Sep 2	Paul Thompson & Troop Three
	Marta Renzi & the Project Co.
	Friday, 8:30 pm

Sep 3	Anthony Davis & Episteme
	Saturday, 3:00 pm

Sep 4	Flaco Jimenez & his Tex-Mex Band
	Sunday, 3:00 pm
	What Else?   TEX-MEX Polkas and such