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ZTT (Was Re: Eurythmics and Propaganda)

From: munnari!!david%uowcsa.cs.uow.oz.OZ@UUNET.UU.NET (David E A Wilson)
Date: 14 Jul 88 23:45:03 GMT
Subject: ZTT (Was Re: Eurythmics and Propaganda)
Organization: Uni of Wollongong, NSW, Australia
References: <8807121745.AA05198@WONKO.MIT.EDU>
Summary: A Zang Tumb Tuum Discography

The Wishful/Synthetic Action Series:

1) relax				Frankie Goes to Hollywood
2) dr. mabuse				Propaganda
3) two tribes				FGTH
4) welcome to the pleasure dome		FGTH		LP ZIQ1
5) the power of love			FGTH
6) and suddenly there came a bang	various?
7) welcome to the pleasure dome		FGTH
8) duel					Propaganda
9) wild hearts				FGTH?
10) the value of entertainment		various
11) who's afraid (of the art of noise)	Art of Noise	LP ZIQ2
12) p:machinery/femme fatale		Propaganda	12 ZTAS2
13) a secret wish			Propaganda	LP ZIQ3 CID126 90288-2
14) the shape of the universe
    souvenir of insignificance		?		LP ZIQ4
15) when your heart runs out of time	?
16) slave to the rhythm			?
17) the object is a hungry wolf		Andrew Poppy	LP ZIQ5
18) sampled				various		LP ZIQ6
19) everything could be so perfect	Anne Pigalle	LP ZIQ7
??) into battle				Art of Noise
??) daft				Art of Noise	ZCID Q2

Most of this is from the rear cover of sampled, plus a bit from daft.
Did you know that today (15th July) is Trevor Horn's birthday?

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