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new Wire

From: stephen@SM.UNISYS.COM
Date: 13 Jul 88 11:46 PDT (Wednesday)
Subject: new Wire

What happened to all the rabid Wire fans of last year?  Are any of you
still tuned in to this forum?  The new disc, A Bell is a Cup (ADD,
70:28 min, lyric sheet), has a lot of Colin Newman influence; it
sounds like a cross between The Ideal Copy and Newman's solo
Commercial Suicide.

They played here (LA) a few weeks ago, including an appearance at the
Rose Bowl!?  I saw them at Club Lingerie.  (Earle, were you there?)
Besides the constant exhortations from the crowd to play old stuff, it
was a great show.  (One guy requested "I Should Have Known Better".
Uh, yeah.)  I think they should have brought the same group of young
guys and had them play Chairs Missing.

So what's all this discussion of whether Kate is going to tour or not
for the next album?  I thought ied had assured us we were all going to
merry ole England for the truly authentic nature of the Kately home
live performance.  She better do it.  Trainor has his hopes up.

b. head