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KompilaTion Tapes

Date: Wed, 13 Jul 88 12:22:16 EDT
Subject: KompilaTion Tapes

The conspiracy revealed! :->

     About a year ago (oh god, it really has been that long!).  IED
and some of the other Love-Hounds proposed an international exchange
of music.  Each KonTributor would add about 12 minutes of their
favorite not widely heard music to a tape, and the tapes would be
circulated to anyone interested.
     Organizing this started to be a burden for IED (who started
things rolling), so I volunteered to take over coordinating.  I broke
the list of Kontributors up geographically so the tapes would waste as
little time as possible in the mails, and tried to keep up with their
progress as they were made.  In all there were seven 90-minute tapes
circulating, which eventually became eight.
     Then things fell apart.  My schedule became much more demanding
with the start of the school year, and KonTributors stopped posting
messages when they recieved tapes, so I lost all track of where the
various tapes where.  I now know the locations of two of the 'tapes' -
tape 1, which I have and will send out soon, and tape 6 (which is
actually two tapes), which Trina Pundurs has, and should be sending
around as well.  The whereabouts of the other tapes is unknown - they
may have been lost in the mail, or stolen, or eaten, who knows?  Most
likely, they ended up with people who are no longer on the net, but
perhaps some of them are still out there.
     If you have one of the tapes, other than number 1 or number 6,
please get in contact with me!
     As I write this, it occurs to me that it would not be a great
idea for me to send the tapes out to the original list of Kontributors
and interested listeners, given the transience of net-folks.  I think
the best thing to do therefore is to have anyone interested in hearing
the existing tapes write me a letter including their network and
physical mail addresses and I will compile a new list.
     If you want to hear these tapes, drop me a letter by Friday, July
22 and I will add you to the list.  Each person is responsible for
postage to send the tape to the next person on the list.  I will have
to make the deadline firm, since one of the problems last time was a
steady trickle of new names after the original deadline, which
confused the organization.
     No profit is being made through the distribution of these tapes.
They are intended to introduce listeners to new, interesting artists,
and to add fuel to the musical discussions on Love-Hounds.
     If anyone has questions or comments about KompilaTion
organization, please feel free to write to me or post them to
Love-Hounds.  I am open to suggestions.

                                                             -Peter E. Lee