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Re: Colourbox

From: jsd%UMASS.BITNET@MITVMA.MIT.EDU (Jonathan S. Drukman)
Date: Sun, 10 Jul 88 22:16:41 EDT
Subject: Re: Colourbox

> From: ntcsd1.uucp!tector@MCNC.ORG ()

> What's the deal?  Does Colourbox actually sound like _Hot Doggy_ or
> like the "horses fucking" CD?  If the "horses fucking" CD is a
> collection of Colourbox singles then it looks to me like their music
> leans away from _Hot Doggy_ which sucks.

You see, you've fallen victim to one of the three classic blunders
involving interesting bands like Colourbox -- assuming that they
actualy "sound like" a particular tune.  In this case especially,
trying to peg the band is a futile exercise, because they are big fans
of genre crossing.  The "other" CD (with the girls on the cover and
all the weird flowers) contains 14 songs in radically different styles
- the first track, "Sleepwalker" is a George Winston-ish piano piece,
but that immediately segues into "Just Give 'Em Whiskey" which is very
much like "Hot Doggie" (driving beat, guitar leads, and lots of
dropped in samples).  The next song is sort of pop/soul, and the one
after is pure 50's doo-wop.  So, it's pointless to say that Colourbox
"sounds like 'Hot Doggie'".  Only a few of their tunes are in the
"upbeat, loud, lots of dropped in samples" mold.  Give CAD508CD a
listen before you buy though because you may be severely disappointed
or alienated.  If you like "Hot Doggie", you'll probably like "Just
Give 'Em Whiskey" and "Edit The Dragon".  Also "fast dump" if you can
find it.  Personally, I think the fact that they switch styles with
such reckless abandon and perform them all very well is one of their
most endearing characteristics.

Jon Drukman                      University of Massachusetts
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