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Re: KB and Ultravox

From: My Brain Hurts <munnari!!S341022@UUNET.UU.NET>
Date: Mon, 11 Jul 88 12:53 -1000
Subject: Re: KB and Ultravox

> I'm not sure if you're talking about being a Kate fan, Ultravox, or
> a love-hounds ( in Australia) lover. There are others
> here in Australia that avidly read this newsgroup.

Well Steve i must admit that i have never even heard "The Dreaming" or
any other KB album. You other dudes out there can put down the
torches, flamethrowers and other sharp pointy objects because i am
flame resistant.

I am a devoted Ultravox fan and i have all post John Foxx stuff.  This
is not because i dont like Foxx but basically due to the fact that i
cant find the first 3 albums for love nor money.

The first paragraph is a joke boys ..  I will admit that i have no
Kate stuff but only because i am a poor little Government Supported
College Student and cant afford $20-30 for a CD a pop................

The Boy From Melbourne Strikes Again.....
Paul Nowland
Melbourne College of Advanced Education (or was that Inebriation?)