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Eurythmics and Propaganda

From: Lazlo Nibble <cscbrkac@CHARON.UNM.EDU>
Date: Tue, 12 Jul 88 00:22:44 MDT
Subject: Eurythmics and Propaganda

> on Eurythmics...

> Is it possible to get either Tourists (original group that
> Stewart/Lennox worked with) albums or the Erythmics original album
> (before Sweet Dreams) on CD?

I've never seen a Tourists CD, but "In The Garden" (the very first
I'Eurythmics release) is available as a UK import disc on RCA, serial
number PD 70006.  Classy album.

> on Propaganda...

> I reccommend _A_Secret_Wish_ highly. It is an excellent full-digital
> recording of a wide range of musical styles.  Before ASW, Propaganda
> released two other albums.  Are either of them available on CD?

> B.Bum (William M. Bumgarner --

Hell, are either of them available ANYWHERE?  I'd take any pre-ASW
Propaganda in any form I could find it . . . William, can you send me
any info about these early LPs?  Nobody I know has ever heard of them.

You might check out their recently-released-on-CD remix album "Wishful
Thinking" as well.

Lazlo Nibble (            "Take this break...and dance"