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Love-Hounds (B.Board or Battleground?)

From: iuvax!att!whuts!0707dab@RUTGERS.EDU
Date: Tue, 12 Jul 88 09:22:56 EST
Subject: Love-Hounds (B.Board or Battleground?)
References: <8807111258.AA25536@EDDIE.MIT.EDU>

Dearest Mr. K. Hopkins:

Forgive me!  Please!  I beg to be granted mercy.  I have in my CD
collection a Sire sampler CD with the Smith's song "Work is a
Four-Letter Word".  In the accompanying booklet, Sire provides a small
article about the Smiths....  And God save me, but in the article,
they clearing state that Strangeways, Here We Come, is named after a
local mental institute.

Forgive me and all of my offspring for this blasphemy I've committed.
Can't we have debates or discussions on this board without obnoxious
or arrogant overtones such as Mr. Hopkins?!?  (Or will it end up like
this entry?  Is this what we want?)

If there's misinformation to be corrected, then correct it!  And keep
your snotty comments to yourself!  Pah! indeed.

K. Crissey  -  0707dab@AT&T-BL 

"With my ego in my gut, my gnarling mouth would wash it up.
 But now I started learning how - I keep it SHUT!" - KB