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KT videos

From: vsi!sullivan@UUNET.UU.NET (Michael T Sullivan)
Date: 12 Jul 88 15:02:23 GMT
Subject: KT videos
Distribution: rec
Organization: V-Systems, Inc. -- Santa Ana, CA

While cruising through a catalog in the local laserdisc store recently
I saw that all four Kate videos were still available in Japan, on laserdisc
at least ("The Singles File", "Live at the Hammersmith Odeon", "Hair of
the Hound", and "The Whole Story").  I would assume this means that they
are also available on video over there, too.  Problem is, with the dollar
the way that it is, these items are very expensive.  By the way, if you
want to get really depressed, look through one of those Japanese catalogs
and see all the music videos available over there.  You spend a lot of
time whimpering.

To the person who wanted to know about Eurythmics' first album on CD:  it is
available.  I don't think I've seen any by The Tourists.

Oh, by the way I think I said I had "Wuthering Heights" playing at my wedding.
That should have been "wedding reception".

Michael Sullivan			{uunet|attmail}!vsi!sullivan
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