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Re: KB and Ultravox

From: munnari!!stephen%uowcsa.cs.uow.oz.OZ@UUNET.UU.NET (stephen)
Date: 3 Jul 88 23:43:20 GMT
Subject: Re: KB and Ultravox
Organization: Uni of Wollongong, NSW, Australia
References: <8806282314.AA02495@WONKO.MIT.EDU>
Summary: Here's another one from Australia

> From: My Brain Hurts <munnari!!S341022@UUNET.UU.NET>

> > From: Kari Haug <>

> > By the way, does any of you like Ultravox? I am a completely devoted
> > Ultravox-fan, and I'm looking very forward to August, becausethen
> > Midge Ure will release a solo-album.
> > Kari (from Norway)
> My God there is another one.................  I'm Paul (from
> Australia) and i was disparing of ever hearing of another one....  You
> are my kind of person...........

I'm not sure if you're talking about being a Kate fan, Ultravox, or a 
love-hounds ( in Australia) lover. There are others
here in Australia that avidly read this newsgroup.

I compliment you all on your good taste. I have been collecting more
and more Kate since last year when I first started reading this group.
Damn, its really hard to pick up her CDs in Wollongong. I'm going to
have to make a pilgrimage to Sydney soon. I'm sure that I'll have more
luck there.

I too wait with baited breath for her next single/album. Should be
great!  I have yet (shame on me) to get a copy of the Dreaming.  Hope
to score that one soon.  Not a lot of our record stores here keep large
collections.  It's either a matter of hit-or-miss, or go to Sydney (or
order it in).  I think I prefer shopping in Sydney. Much more fun.

Anyway Paul, you're not the only one out there. To all the other readers
out there, happy listening to strange music. I'll keep my eye out on
what's happening.

	See Ya...

 Stephen Nicholson		ACSnet:	stephen@uowcsa
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