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Re: Looking for The Art of Noise: _Daft_ ...

From: harvard!lsrhs!anarchy@BLOOM-BEACON.MIT.EDU (Jessica Free)
Date: Fri, 1 Jul 88 09:59:53 edt
Subject: Re: Looking for The Art of Noise: _Daft_ ...
Organization: Lincoln Sudbury Regional High School. Sudbury Ma.

> This discussion about _Who's Afraid Of (The Art of Noise)?_ and
> _Daft_ made me itch to go out and get the compilation, since I too
> had been waiting and hoping to find WAOTAON? on CD somewhere.  But
> the owner of our friendly neighborhood alternative record store here
> in beautiful Columbia, South Carolina says that he can't get it.

If nobody else finds it for you, I work in a record store, and I can't
remember if we have it, but I can order it for you if we don't.  So if
nobody else finds ot for you, just drop me a note, and I'll order it
for you.