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The Whole Story not counting

From: vsi!sullivan@UUNET.UU.NET (Michael T Sullivan)
Date: 7 Jul 88 15:45:37 GMT
Subject: The Whole Story not counting
Distribution: rec
Organization: V-Systems, Inc. -- Santa Ana, CA

I didn't ever think I'd see that posting again.  Anyway, when I said
_The Whole Story_ didn't count I didn't mean that it wasn't a good
album.  Heck, I had the new version of "Wuthering Heights" played at
my wedding (tape your own music for your wedding and you too can have
a clear conscience and not be embarassed :-) and it sure was helpful
to have while waiting for _The Dreaming_ and _Never Forever_ to get
onto CD.  What I meant was that it only had 1 1/2 new songs on it and
couldn't be counted as a new album.  That's all.

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