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Re: Sisters of Mercy trade

From: sri-unix!garth!hal@DECWRL.DEC.COM (Hal Broome)
Date: 7 Jul 88 15:53:50 GMT
Subject: Re: Sisters of Mercy trade
Organization: INTERGRAPH (APD) -- Palo Alto, CA
Posted: Thu Jul 7 08:53:50 1988
References: <8807061937.AA00759@WONKO.MIT.EDU>
Reply-To: garth!hal@WONKO.MIT.EDU (Hal Broome)
Summary: vi editor failed

A Sisters of Mercy fan wrote me about trading my John Peel sessions
for some of his tapes, and when I was checking my mailbag the editor
went down taking his name and address with it: would you please resend
me your name and address, please?  I'll respond with snail mail
(actually, I'll just go ahead and mail the tape to ya; expect it to
take a few weeks, as I have to go over about 80 tapes looking for the

Sorry 'bout that, but still interested,

hal broome
316 Escuela Avenue
Mountain View, CA 94040