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Re: KB & Joni comparison

From: nessus (Doug Alan)
Date: Thu, 19 Dec 85 00:18:20 est
Subject: Re: KB & Joni comparison

> From: Rob Preston

> Geez Doug, sounds like all that bitterness on your part about Kate's being 
> compared to Joni was fruitless.

I don't mind if they are compared like "Both Kate Bush and Joni Mitchel
are wonderful artists."  I just get uspet when people say "Kate Bush is
the next Joni Mitchel".  (Of course, this was said most often before
"The Dreaming" and isn't likely something that you'd hear now -- now you
hear "Suzanne Vega is the next Joni Mitchel"...)  It just bothers me
because I don't see much similarity in their music.  (Though now that
Joni is getting it on with Fairlights and drum machines....)

> After all, in the January issue of _Musician_, Kate draws the
> comparison herself (comparing her shift from that strained [my word],
> high voice in her early work to the more fullbodied, deeper voice on
> TD & HoL to Joni's shift from the her high voice of her early work to
> her deeper, jazzier voice of her later work).

Strangely enough, I like KB's lower voice better and JM's higher voice
better (though I like all of KB's voices better than any of JM's

> See, the goddess herself has committed the crime of crimes.  SO
> THERE!!! 

But she didn't say "I'm the next Joni Mitchel"!  She was just using JM
as an example of why she likes to sing lower now than she used to.
Besides, what does Kate know anyway!  She doesn't even know that "There
Goes A Tenner" was really about her fear of producing "The Dreaming"!

			"Apart from a photograph,
			 they'll get nothing from me"