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Re: Cloudbusting Video

From: nessus (Doug Alan)
Date: Thu, 19 Dec 85 00:03:54 est
Subject: Re: Cloudbusting Video

> From: Rob Preston,

> Just saw the Cloudbusting Video on U68 (EWR/NYC).  The VJ announced
> afterward that it (the song) is based on a true story that happened 
> in the Pacific Northwest in the '50s.  Have I missed something, or 
> is he out of his mind?  Last I heard, Organon was something out of 
> a sci-fi novel and wasn't anywhere near Hood Canal.

It is based on a true story!  It's based on "A Book Of Dreams" by Peter
Reich, who is the son of Wilhelm Reich.  "A Book Of Dreams" is about the
experiences Peter had with his father.  I thought that most of the book
takes place in Arizona (I haven't read it yet, though I have read one
chapter that I have a xerox of), but I could be wrong....

Henry Chai should know, and I'm sure he'll tell us.

				"I still dream of Orgonon"


P.S.  I asked Kate why she misspelled "Orgonon" and "Organon", and she
said it wasn't intentional.  "Organon" is a real word and Wilhelm Reich
used "Orgonon" as a pun....