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No Subject

From: umcp-cs!aplcen!uucp@seismo.CSS.GOV
Date: Thu, 19 Dec 85 01:01:54 EST

>From ins_aset@jhunix Wed Dec 18 19:37:38 1985 remote from jhunix
Date:     Wed, 18 Dec 85 19:37:34 EST
From:     Susanne E Trowbridge <ins_aset@jhunix>
Subject:  'Bye everyone...

Just thought I'd say goodbye -- I'm heading to Michigan for a family 
yuletide, & all that.  I'll try to keep up with my mail via modem, but
the cost may prove too prohibitive, even at the low rate hours... have happy holidays!  I know I'll be trying to...


ps- My dad is 52 and he bought HOL about a month ago -- and loves it!
Hmmm, should I give him "The Dreaming" for xmas?