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KB & Joni comparison

From: hound!hejira
Date: Wed, 18 Dec 85 23:10:32 est
Subject: KB & Joni comparison

Geez Doug, sounds like all that bitterness on your part about Kate's being 
compared to Joni was fruitless.  After all, in the January issue of 
_Musician_, Kate draws the comparison herself (comparing her shift from 
that strained [my word], high voice in her early work to the more full-
bodied, deeper voice on TD & HoL to Joni's shift from the her high
voice of her early work to her deeper, jazzier voice of her later work).
See, the goddess herself has committed the crime of crimes.  SO THERE!!!

Next, maybe Joni will compare herself to KB.  Then again, I wouldn't 
want *her* to stoop so low.   :-]

	- Rob Preston	<ihnp4!hound!hejira   -- AT&T Bell Labs>