A Red Shoes Collection

2.2. - LH's comments on songs

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The Songs of "THE RED SHOES"

"If we define 'crap' as being 'A piece of music so incredibly wonderful that you can never listen to any other piece of music ever again since the other music would pale by comparison', then I agree, it is crap."

- Stev0


2.2a. - "Rubberband Girl" - Single/Song
2.2b. - "Eat the Music" Single/Song
2.2c. - "Big Stripey Lie"
2.1d. - "Moments of Pleasure" - Single/Song
2.2e. - "Lily"
2.2f. - "The Red Shoes" Song/Shoedance
2.2g. - "You're the One"
2.2h. - "The Song of Solomon"
2.2i. - "And So Is Love" - Single/Song
2.2j - "Why Should I Love You"
2.2k. - "You Want Alchemy"
2.2l. - "Home for Christmas"
2.2misc - Non-album tracks listing

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Written by Love-Hounds
compiled and edited
Wieland Willker
August 1995