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2.2i. - "And So Is Love"

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Date: Thu, 06 Oct 94 11:28:57 PST
From: bmiller@zdlmail.ziff.com (Miller, Ben)
Subject: And So is Love releases

TheKBC-mailing also mentioned the fourth TRS single, And So Is Love which will be relased in two formats in early November. The CD will contain

A deluxe version will come in a box and feature post cards, like those in the MoP single, I assume. There will also be a standard CD single version and a 7" vinyl version in a poster bag.

This is not going to be released in the US, so start hunting those import shops.


Date: Tue, 8 Nov 1994 14:59:32 GMT
From: mty027 <mty027@coventry.ac.uk>
Subject: ASIL UK update

I've managed to get hold of one of the limited edition 7" discs in my lunch hour. These are actually numbered, although whether there are only 5000 is not certain. My copy is numbered 0130 so as I've seen one as high as 3110 then maybe 5000-9999 would be an reasonable number. They were selling for 99 pence in the Virgin Megastore and they had about 10 copies, I saw at least another 15 between 2 HMV's and 1 Spinadisc store. I reckon on 25-30 copies in Coventry alone,so over the whole of the UK maybe 5000 is too small a number to be realistic.

Anyway, the poster comes in a 12" sleeve which has a pocket to hold the 7" picture disc. The picture on the disc is the same as the sleeve for the CD and cassette single. The poster has photos on both sides,one side is the same as the picture sleeve, and the other is a new black and white photo, the photos were taken by Anthony Crickmay.


Date: Tue, 22 Nov 1994 12:25:06 -0800 (PST)
From: "Karen L. Newcombe" <kln@crl.com>
Subject: U.S. Versions

Dear jmalone,

The first time I heard those supposed "U.S." versions was when I bought the ASIL single. Quite a surprise.

I wasn't even going to listen to them, assuming they were the same as the extended versions released here. RBG is definitely not. The ETM seems to have artfully pulled some of the vocals into the foreground and emphasized them, but I haven't gone back to the remix released in the U.S. to check it against this version.


From: Scott Telford <s.telford@ed.ac.uk>
Date: Fri, 9 Dec 1994 12:55:55 GMT
Subject: Re: Please clear up the US/UK mix someone!

> Can someone PLEASE explain what the And So Is Love CD5 extra tracks are all about? What does "US Mixes" mean?

The Eat the Music track is the extended mix from the US EtM single.

The Rubberband Girl track is the dance remix (can't remember the mixer's name) that was intended for release in the US - the one played at the Convention, I guess (most of us had gone for food by that time...)

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