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2.2misc. - The Non-album tracks

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Date: Sun, 15 May 1994 13:49:00 +0200
From: uli@zoodle.RoBIN.de (Ulrich Grepel)
Subject: Non-album tracks (TRS era)

Miscellaneous tracks for The Red Shoes (non-album):

Only MoP instr. vers. is listed on non-CDs, because it's not available on CD. Some (not all) of the other tracks are availlable on vinyl/cassingle too.

Real new b-sides are only Show A Little Devotion and You Want Alchemy. Home For Christmas should count too, because it was virtually unknown before. (Same would apply to some of the b-sides to The Sensual World which were available somehow before they got published on the TSW singles.)

Bye, Uli

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Written by Love-Hounds
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Wieland Willker
August 1995