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Strange Phenomena

This next song is called ``Strange Phenomena'' and it's all about the coincidences that happen to all of us all of the time. Like maybe you're listening to the radio and a certain thing will come up, you go outside and it will happen again. It's just how similar things seem to attract together, like the saying ``birds of a feather flock together'' and how these things do happen to us all the time. Just strange coincidences that we're only occasionally aware of. And maybe you'll think how strange that is, but it happens all the time. (1978, Self Portrait)


"Strange Phenomena'' is about how coincidences cluster together. We can all recall instances when we have been thinking about a particular person and then have met a mutual friend who - totally unprompted - will begin talking about that person. That's a very basic way of explaining what I mean, but these ``clusters of coincidence'' occur all the time. We are surrounded by strange phenomena, but very few people are aware of it. Most take it as being part of everyday life. (1978, Music Talk)


*"Strange phenomena'' suggests that she believes in other forces.

Oh yes, I do. The thing about us humans is that we consider ourselves it, that we know everything. I think we're abusing our power and are guided by things we don't know about that are much stronger then us. But you can't label them if you don't know what they are. Also, it tends to sound a bit trendy like ``the cosmic forces'' and it's cruel to do that because most religions have been exploited. As long as they're not misinterpreted they're good because they give the individual something to hold onto. (1978, Trouser Press)


*I would like to ask you if the record ``strange phenomena'' on the kick inside was prompted by any outside experience, in fact?

Yeah, It's all about coincidences. And there's in fact a school of thought about that called, well it's Synchronicity. And it's about all the things that happen that are very similar and how one day all these really strange coincidences will happen to you. And alot of these happen to me. Like I'll be talking about something to someone and I'll go home and someone will ring me up about the same thing. And I think it's one of our phenomenas, I must admit, yeah.

You do believe that mental vibrations can be transmitted from one person to another.

I think by what you think and how you are you attract things to you. I think if you are a negative unhappy person a lot of negative unhappy things could happen to you. I really believe in that, yeah. (1979, Personal Call)


*Kate, you remember any memorable coincidences like that?

Oh, dear. Well they do happen alot, like just being places and someone you haven't seen for years will turn up. Reading a book and seeing it in a shop and then seeing it on a bus. They happen all the time, and it happens to everyone. I mean people are full of these little things that happen to them.

It would wonderful to be able to explain it, but I suppose it would spoil it to some extent, wouldn't it, if you could explain it.

I think so, yes. I think you just have to accept it. (1979, Personal Call)


*Going back to ``strange phenomena'' from the kick inside, many of her lyrical concepts have centered on the notion of reincarnation, many of us thought.

I never really meant to suggest that at all. I'm not a strong believer in reincarnation; it's more a feeling of deja-vu. (1983, Music Express)


*If you could tell me what ``om mani padme hum'' means.

Well, it's a buddist chant actually, and I couldn't actually tell you what it means because unfortunately I don't practice Buddhism. But it's a passion mantra, and it's really just a mediative - blah - chant that people use when they're in a state of higher being. (1979, Personal Call)


In ``strange phenomena,'' what do the words ``om mani padme hum'' mean?

Club member Matthew Toreson has sent in an explanation, which he found in an encyclopedia. It is a form of adoration of the Buddha, and means, ``Oh, the jewel in the lotus.'' Thanks, Matthew. (1979, KBC 1)


In ``strange phenomena'' you sing ``g arrives'' who or what is ``g''

"G'' is in fact someone we know called mr. G. (1980, KBC 5)


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