KT Cloudbusting -- Kate Bush In Her Own Words


* I was wondering would you have liked to live in a different time. Because you tend to mention re-incarnation quite a lot.

Yes. No, because I'm very happy in this particular lifetime, thank you. And I think all lifetimes have their own ups and downs and I'm really happy to be here. I think it's a good time.

Do you think you might have lived before, then. Had some kind of previous life?

I don't know, it's very possible. But it's not the sort of thing you'd remember. And I just believe that soulless entities and people that work on themselves will come back in some form. All that energy just can't go, it's gotta go somewhere.

Have you had a feeling though that ever you might have been born before?

I get feeling that I've done things before, and whether it was a past life or a future life or just something, I don't know. I get a lot of feelings thought that when I'm doing something for the first time that it's happened before. (1979, Personal Call)


Do you think, kate, if you were hypnotised, I mean what do you think you might, perhaps, sorta life you might go back to.

[Laughs] I'd give away a lot of secrets, that's for sure. I don't know. I think that's a very, very interesting to do. And there have been a few books written by people who have gone through this regression. I don't know if it is very healthy actually, I personally wouldn't do it. I think it's very interesting thought. And I can't say about my past lives or whatever, I don't know.

Cause it's the very foundation of the buddhist religion, for example. They believe that the soul was never ever born. It just is, it's eternal, it was never born, it will never die. It will go on reliving and reliving until eventually it finds a resting place and ultimately finds a nirvana, where it doesn't have to be reborn anymore.

Hmm. I think that beautiful. I think that's such a beautiful...

Yeah, but at the same time they never swat a fly because it might be granny. [Both laugh] (1979, Personal Call)


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