KT Cloudbusting -- Kate Bush In Her Own Words

In Search Of Peter Pan


* Have you or will you be writing more songs on classic english themes?

Not intentionally, no. But I think that's already been done a little on this album. There's a song on in called ``In Search of Peter Pan'' and it's sorta about childhood. And the book itself is an absolutely amazing observation on paternal attitudes and the relationships between the parents - how it's reflected on the children. And I think it's a really heavy subject, you know, how a young innocence mind can be just controlled, manipulated, and they don't necessarily want it to happen that way. And it's really just a song about that. (1978, Lionheart Promo)


*John carter bush: I am programmed in my emotional life by the first work of fantasy that got through to my heart. For me it was barrie's bitter, sad condemnation of adulthood. Peter pan has soured so many children into seeing growing-up as an end to something more real. For cathy, I would guess that it was oscar wilde who first led her into that trickly land of tear puddles. (1986, cathy)


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