Cloudbusting -- Kate Bush In Her Own Words

Introduction to WWW version of Cloudbusting


Cloudbusting is Ron Hill's project to produce an encyclopaenia of Kate Bush quotes about her music and other subjects. Two editions have been released in a variety of formats. This hypertext version was created from the ascii version of the second edition by Richard Caley.

Because of the use of capitalisation to represent bold text in the ascii version, there are some punctuation and capitalisation problems. Because some of the text was written by me (rjc) there are some spelling problems.

Every now and again some utterance will be displayed as if it were spoken by the interviewer when it is really Kate. Again this is due to the lack of intelligence in the conversion.

If you spot any of these problems, please feel free to fix them. See below for a description of how best to do this.

Sound and Fury

Where I have got around to it, I have included pointers to lyric sheets and short exerpts of the songs. Such pointers look like this:

		Sample				Lyrics


The actual text of the entries in the music, story and subjects sections is maintained in a sort-of SGML markup format more useful for interviews than html. I have called this CBML for `cloudbusting markup language'. If you would like to fix typos or formatting problems etc. in some entry, please get the cbml version by clicking on the CBML link at the bottom of the entry, fix that and mail it to me.

The format should be pretty self explanitory if you know what HTML looks like.

An interview in CBML looks something like this:

	<turn interviewer>
		What is the answer to life, the universe and everything?
	</turn interviewer>
	<turn kate>
		Forty two.
	</turn kate>

Things to Come

The following things still need to be done.


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