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KT tapes, D Dax, etc

From: elliott@UNRVAX.UNR.EDU (Andrew Elliott)
Date: Tue, 12 Jul 88 13:37:50 PDT
Subject: KT tapes, D Dax, etc

Since I recently saw that there was some mention of the KT Compilation
tapes...I have a question.  I know that there were *severl* and that
even I added some things to one (wherever it may be), but I was
wondering if someone who might have one could *post* a listing of
songs so that many of us could get some ideas as to what others listen
to and maybe even try some of that stuff ourselves.

It would be greatly appreaciated.  

Also, I would very desperately like to have a copy of either of the
new D.Dax CDs.  If anyone can purchase them and send to me I would be
indebted to you.

As for purchasing Kate my local WHEREHOUSE records
(scratch that they don't carry records anymore), tapes, and CD store I
have seen _TWS_ and _KB live at HO_.  Check there...I have no clue as
to where to find _TSF_.  Does anybody know how to order it?

Thanks		-Andrew Elliott

Andrew Elliott			
Department of Biochemistry	INTERNET:	elliott@unrvax.UNR.EDU     
University of Nevada * Reno     

"Walking in the Valley of Decision..."		-Danielle Dax