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Celtic Music

Date: Tue, 12 Jul 88 16:27:22 EDT
Subject: Celtic Music

Just noticed a new album on sale from Van Morrison AND
_The_Chieftains_, two of the best known exponents of Irish music. The
album is called "Irish Heartbeat" and (among some Celtic names I
couldn't remember) includes such treasured melodies (treasured by ME,
at very least) as "Star of the County Down," "Marie's Wedding" and
(wait for it) "My Lagan Love."  Kate fans will be interested, at least,
in this last entry. They should be more generally interested, because
Irish folk music is (I believe) one significant influence on Our
Kate's music.  I am resisting dropping $13 on the CD (but only just)
so no review just yet, but this promises to be an excellent recording.

   `as she onward sped, I scratched my head, 
      and I gazed with a feeling queer
    here I said, said I, to a passerby
      who's the maid with the nutbrown hair?'