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Re: Love-Hounds Digest

From: dhsu@SUN.COM (Dave Hsu [Contractor])
Date: Tue, 12 Jul 88 12:05:01 PDT
Subject: Re: Love-Hounds Digest

> From: Jeff Dalton <>

[wherein I write:]

>> Presumably this is the same film that played here as "For Keeps"?
>> Ecch.

> Ecch?  But it has Molly Ringwald(!), and she cuts her hair(!).
> ...
> The film is a structuralist masterpiece.  And we have the real
> Molly, cutting her pink dress hair, not the New American Orchestra
> imitation, solving the problem untransformed.  What more could we ask?

How about a long dance version with extended hair solo on MFSL
gold-plated discs in lift-lock cases?  And I want your lab report on
my desk by 9 AM Friday!

> Subject: MisK.

>     Speaking of good Kate-related postings, where have _you_ been
> all these months, Dave? Let's see a new, in-depth Kate-analysis from
> you soon, why not, huh, ok?

I've been here, watching, waiting for that void of Katelessness to
pass over this group, while moving twice in the same month and car
shopping.  Also, I've been busting my hump optimizing code for a
processor I've hated for years, and trying futilely to understand why
|>oug et al have been positively rabid over Sinead O'Connor for the
last 8 months.  I mean sure, it's phenomenal for a debut album, and
she has a certain interesting sound, but the lyrics might as well be
lifted from a breakfast cereal box.  But I digress.  I'd be glad to
oblige you with an analysis but you may have to wait a bit, as (1) my
hasty coast-to-coast translation has left me apart from my stereo, (2)
although I have just replaced my faithful but late Sony D-5 with a
D-15, I have only half of my Kate discs with me, and (3) my modesT
arKhives are back east.

>     That's putting it mildly. The _Ninth_Wave_ of science fiction
> movies, really.  (Maybe _Brazil_, then, is _The_Dreaming_...)
> -- Andrew Marvick

>	[ Okay, so what is *Alien* translated into record albums?
>	  --|>oug ]

_Alien_, I would venture, is the _PG IV_ aka _Security_ of SF films.
Stark, austere, but with a purpose, a depth of vision beyond argument.

And besides, the cover art is almost as weird as a Giger painting.

> From: Jamie Andrews <>
> Subject: One of Our Submarines

> ... ("Bye-bye Empire, Empire bye-bye, time's illusion drowning
> tonight".)  Dolby claimed to be of the latter group, ashamed at his
> country's return to jingoism.

Shouldn't that be "tired illusions drown in the night"?  Disgust would seem
more appropriate for Dolby here than mockery.



[In which |>oug is skeptical about a potential Kate tour]

> IED isn't basing his convictions on any dumb ol' announcements.
> He just feels it -- here, inside! Yea, cry halelujah.

"You can't have opinions about the facts."  - Peter Schikele

>> From: Lazlo Nibble <cscbrkac@CHARON.UNM.EDU>

>> ...diehard Trekkies, anime-heads, and sadly, Katefans.  You'd think
>> that the Katefans would have learned a little bit about
>> openmindedness in the process of listening to Kate's music...

>     Now, it's not fair to generalize.

Yer darn tootin.  Having been all of the above at one time or another,
I resent that categorization.  Hell, openmindedness is how I *became*
a Katefan.

>> guess some people are more interested in the ritual and ceremony of
>> the worship itself than the substance of what they're spending all
>> that time worshipping.

>     Now, that's not altogether fair, is it? IED is far _too_
> interested in the substance of what he's spending all that time
> worshipping.  Though it's true, he wishes there were a bit more
> ritual and ceremony, too.

Shaddup and pass the chalice.

David Hsu			nasty contractor and intermittent pest			<= ha, yet another address

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