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Kate and SF

From: sri-unix!garth!hal@DECWRL.DEC.COM (Hal Broome)
Date: 12 Jul 88 18:40:10 GMT
Subject: Kate and SF
Organization: INTERGRAPH (APD) -- Palo Alto, CA
Posted: Tue Jul 12 11:40:10 1988
Reply-To: garth!hal@WONKO.MIT.EDU (Hal Broome)

When the listing for SF in rock music came out, I pointed out that
Kate was acting the part of a boy for the video about the rainmaker:
does anyone know the author/title for the short story this video/song
was based on?  My British friends were familiar with the author, but
not me--what else has he/she/it done?  Given the "lefty" trend of my
friends north of the border (the Tweed), I wouldn't be surprised if
this SF writer indulged in Orwellian SF. . . .


      [	Actually, it's not based on a short story -- it's based on an
	autobiography by Peter Reich and deals mostly with his life as
	a child with his father, Wilhelm Reich.  Wilhelm Reich was a
	famous psychiatrist, who went kind of weird.  He faced
	rejection by his peers in Germany, was persecuted by the
	Nazi's, moved to the U.S., went crazier, and published lots of
	stuff about Orgone Energy (the energy responsible for orgasms,
	rain, etc.) and how UFO's are stealing it from our planet.  He
	was persecuted by the FDA.  Eventually, they threw him in
	jail, where he died a year or so later.  The book by Peter
	Reich is *A Book of Dreams*.  Good luck finding it.  -- |>oug ]