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Wuthering Heights I vs. II

From: berns%lti.UUCP@BU-IT.BU.EDU (Brian Berns x26)
Date: Tue, 12 Jul 88 18:40:33 EDT
Subject: Wuthering Heights I vs. II

|  >    really?  maybe my ears are not so discerning as some.  I think I
|  > even played the "new vocal" version back to back with the original
|  > and still noticed no significant difference.  Maybe in only comes
|  > out on CD.

|  >>     The original vocal and the new vocal are much different.  The
|  >> new vocal is more "soulful" and "mature".  On the original, she
|  >> wailed and screeched.  The original is much better.  -- |>oug

|      Though IED sees equal but different strengths in both versions,
| he can certainly understand |>oug's preference for the original.  One
| thing is plain, however: the two versions are _very_ different from
| each other.

Hmmm.  While I like the feel of most of WH-I more than that of WH-II,
I have to say that the orgasmic scream at the end of WH-II can make my
entire day.  I bet the only reason Kate even bothered to record WH-II
is 'cause she woke up one day and realized how to truly end the song.

Question : Is the only difference between the two in the vocals?
Though the guitar sound/approach is certainly the same, I seem to
recall that the actual notes diverge quite a bit, especially toward
the end.  Haven't checked recently, so I wouldn't bet my life.
Anybody know for sure?

	[ The instrumental backing is the same, though it seems to
	  have been remixed a bit.  -- |>oug ]

Question : What's the first song (not limited to WH-I or -II) you play
for some- one interested in hearing Kate?  I almost always go with
WH-II or Oh To Be In Love, as they seem to have the best mix of
accessability and emotion.

-- Brian

	[ Gee, I play "Waking The Witch", because I want to scare
	  their fucking brains out!  -- |>oug ]