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nina hagen

Date: Tue, 12 Jul 88 21:48 EST
Subject: nina hagen

apart from Nina Hagen's self-titled album, i just saw a BEST OF cd...
so, if you're a nina hagen fan, i suggest for this Japanese CD...if
you have the bucks... ($26 @ Vinyl Mania, NY)

don't forget to see her on tour! (even our favorite |>oug is going!)

face it...90% of kate-fans like weird-sounding women... i.e. Danielle
Dax, the Sugarcubes, Lene Lovich, etc....  anyways, nina doesn't

fidelis e. orozco    
219 wayne st.
highland park, nj 08904       201-247-5594 (night)    212-620-8092 (day)