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Dear IED, hope you got the letter..

From: jsd%UMASS.BITNET@MITVMA.MIT.EDU (Jonathan S. Drukman)
Date: Tue, 12 Jul 88 23:05:17 EDT
Subject: Dear IED, hope you got the letter..

All right, it's true, in between Colourbox fixes, I slapped on...  (oh
god, can I come out and say this in Public???)  THE DREAMING!!!  (Awk!
Gag!  It's the plumber - I've come to fix the sink....)  Yes, I admit
it.  I was just curious to know, like, is it really the Greatest LP of
All Time and I'm afraid the answer is a resounding YES!!!  I think it
was "get out of my house" in a darkened room played at mega volume
that did it.  Those guitars!  Those donkey brays!  The drum-talk!
Kate's screaming her goddamm lungs out!  And, hey, when I heard the
title track, I didn't even THINK of "Hammerheads" by Danielle Dax!
(Which all Love-Hounds must know uses the rhythm track from "The
Dreaming" sped up).  Then I whipped out my sampler cartridge, took a
snapshot of the beginning of "Sat In Your Lap", set some loop points
and let the drums POUND POUND POUND until I just couldn't take it no
more.  The most intense five seconds in pop music history infinitely
repeating IN MY BEDROOM!  And by the way, after re-reading |>oug's
interview with Kate concerning donkeys and feet representing sexual
organs and all that, I must conclude that the big Mr. Moderator is
totally correct about everything.

Important Announcement - Katemas is just around the corner!  We gonna do
the Annual Boston Love Hounds Bash or what?  Since I know Joe Turner is
deprived of much computer access these days, I'll volunteer his house (no,
really, he said it's ok.  just gotta wait until august when his parents
take off.)

So, IED, are you placated?

      [ AUGUST????  We can't wait until AUGUST!!!!  Katemas is July
	30th!  You tell that slime Joe, that it's going to be at his
	house and it's GOING to be on July 30th!  -- |>oug ]

Jon Drukman                      University of Massachusetts
BITNET: jsd@umass                ARPANET:
"I don't know why I'm crying.  Am I suspended in gaffa?"  -- KT