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Watching You Without Me -- Hidden Messsages and the Like

From: blblbl!henrik@WONKO.MIT.EDU (Larry DeLuca)
Date: 12 Jul 88 17:56:03 GMT
Subject: Watching You Without Me -- Hidden Messsages and the Like
Keywords: message hmmm appropriate after 20 hrs/day in the studio
Organization: Camp Random, Lexington MA

After a few minutes with my trusty four-track and a cassette tape of
_Hounds of Love_ I have the following (don't trust all of it, as I
don't 100%, but I believe the bulk to be substantially correct):

The "backward" section is longer than one might anticipate.  First,
there is the obvious one, which has all of the funny vowel and
consonant closures one associates with pronouncing such things
backwards ("So ni kloi, so ni kloi-ii...").  After that is an
obligotto which is repeated three times and sounds much like "Release

Working backwards, the second ("Release Me") is pretty clearly:

	"We see you here"

Going back to "So ni kloi, so ni kloi-ii..." - it is composed of three
phrases which are similar, if not identical.  Playing backwards, the
first (the last you hear when you play the album normally) is:

	"Falling asleep on me in bed - [we're] neither working nor smoking"

Now, one might say that this has little relevance to _Watching You
Without Me_, though all sorts of tangents are possible.  However,
having been in similar situations, I have found that after putting in
enough 26-hour days on this sort of a project in a row makes the
fatigue toxins flow and suddenly your mind takes on a whole new
creative bent [sic].  It certainly says something about the way one
feels after spending the umpteenth hour overdubbing a single phrase or
hunched over the mixing console. (One will recall "We let the
weirdness in" -- which is really much more a blatant statement of how
the end of the song came about than directly connected with the rest
of _Leave it Open_ (though it is possible to interpret it as well that
when you "leave it open" you "let the weirdness in").

Alternate ideas welcome -- I'm curious as anyone else (well, maybe not
quite as curious as some...).