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Soft Cell & Alf (Yazoo)

From: "William M. Bumgarner" <wb1j+@ANDREW.CMU.EDU>
Date: Tue, 12 Jul 88 14:29:44 -0400 (EDT)
Subject: Soft Cell & Alf (Yazoo)

Soft Cell...
  Non-Stop Erotic Cabaret was one of the best pop albums ever
released... it crosses all styles of pop from burlesque to punk and
everything in between.  It contains the hit cover of 'Tainted Love'.
It sold very well (not spectacularly) in both the US and Europe.  So
why the hell was it released on CD and then immediately recalled by
the manufacturer (I don't know the status in Europe).  Anyone know
what happened?  or how I can get a copy?

  The only reasonable explanation I have gotten so far was that the
company recalled it to do a repress with the EP of 'Tainted Love' on
it.  But does it really take 9 months+ to do a remix/repress???

  Also, I was able, by pure miraculous luck, to buy This Last Night...
...In Sodom on CD from Discount Records (part of Camelot records).
Weird.  I went back to see if they had any other SC on CD and they
didn't even have TLN...IS in their files; actually, none of the record
stores knew it even existed.  Anyway, what other SC albums are out
there on CD, and where can I get them?

Alf (Yazoo)...
How are Alf's solo albums?  I have both Yazoo albums, and think they
are excellent, but have never heard Alf solo.


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