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Re: KaTe stuff (Oh England, My Leotard)

From: Lazlo Nibble <cscbrkac@CHARON.UNM.EDU>
Date: Sat, 9 Jul 88 00:11:54 MDT
Subject: Re: KaTe stuff (Oh England, My Leotard)

] Does anyone know what I'm refering to when I mention the title "Oh
] England, My Leotard"? Does anyone know the story behing this seeming
] self-satire? I don't remember seeing it in Andrew's Discography. Was
] it an intentional deletion? Enquiring minds want to know.

] keving @

]        [ Yeah, but the song isn't by Kate.  It's a parody of Kate by
]          Pamela Stevenson (who, by the way) was a regular on Saturday
]          Night Live for season or two.  She was the one who had the
]          tits that would move.  -- |>oug ]

Is this from Not The Nine O'Clock News?  I'd be interested in getting in touch
with anyone willing to trade NTSC-format Kate-related video, especially
including this one (or any NTNOC'N I don't have, in fact).  I don't have much
Kate to trade, but if yer a ZTT fan, Have I Got A Deal 4 U . . . :-)

Lazlo Nibble (

	[ Yes, it's from "Not The Nine O'Clock News".  The song can be
	  found on a record of excerpts from this show.  The record is
	  called "Hedgehog Sandwich".  -- |>oug ]