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Kompilation Tapes (news at last)

From: rutgers!uiucdcs!bradley!bucc2!frodo@WONKO.MIT.EDU (Pete Hartman)
Date: Fri, 8 Jul 88 23:27:45 CDT
Subject: Kompilation Tapes (news at last)

>      (Peter E. Lee)

> Kompilation tapes - where are they?  Believe it or not, I still have
> one (why is a long story) which I will send out within the next
> week.  If you have one, and would like to know where to send it, or
> if your physical or electronic address has changed, drop me a
> line...

this is something I've suspected since joining the mailing list.
Somewhere in this mad existence are some mysterious "Kompilation
Tapes" that some enlightened persons are aware of.  Unfortuantely, all
my attempts at enlightenment have failed so far, and noone seems
willing to discuss the fate of these tapes, much less what they are
and what they're meant to achieve.

Perhaps someone could help me now in my quest for enlightenment,
because Now I Have You (enlightened ones) Dead To's
proof of their existence (he said he HAD one!!)!!!


Pete Hartman		.....ihnp4 >!bradley!bucc2!frodo
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