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Bladerunner soundtrack

From: Jeff Dalton <>
Date: Sun, 10 Jul 88 22:10:50 bst
Subject: Bladerunner soundtrack

> From: Beth Freeman <bfreeman@E.MS.UKY.EDU>

> I am trying to find the original soundtrack to the movie BladeRunner
> by Vangelis.  I have been told both that it was never released, and
> that it was released but not in this country, only in Great Britain.

I have long wanted the original soundtrack and at one time watched
for the soundtrack notice at the end of the film and called the
record company there mentioned.  This was not long after the film
was released.  I talked to what must have a customer relations person.
She claimed that Vangelis was busy with other projects and that
plans for a soundtrack LP had been abandoned.  This may mean that
Vangelis was uninterested or actually opposed to making the lp,
but I don't know.

Not long after, the New American Orchestra lp appeared (on a different
label, I recall).  It was rather disappointing.

I have never seen an actual Bladerunner soundtrack in either the
US or the UK.

-- Jeff